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Traditional Couples Counseling

Theoretical Orientation

Dr. Rogers utilizes post modern theory to enact change in the couples system. She believes in a strength based and collaborative approach.

Teresa employs techniques from Structural Theory to work with the couple to set boundaries, examine family of origin interactions and implement new patterns. Additionally, cognitive-behavior theory is utilized to address any individual symptoms that may be impacting relationship functioning.

Structure of Traditional Couples Counseling

Traditional couples counseling is more flexible with timing and focus. Dr. Rogers works from a client-centered lens, believing that the couple is the expert of the relationship. Typically, the first two sessions are learning about the relationship, gathering information and setting goals with the couple. The following sessions are geared toward meeting those goals while addressing issues as they arise.

Fees & Payment

Dr. Rogers accepts most major insurance plans as well as some Medicaid. Traditional couples counseling can be billed under your insurance. If you do not have insurance, Dr. Rogers offers a sliding fee scale option based on joint annual income.

Session Frequency and Duration

Sessions are 60 minutes. Typically, Dr. Rogers works with couples every two weeks. In her experience, most couples need two weeks between sessions to process individually and use skills learned in the relationship for the best outcome.

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